Photo by: Ayako Yamamoto

                                                                              Photo by: Ayako Yamamoto

Shanti Snyder

From the intimate underground cafe, to Tokyo-Osaka night clubs , to prestigious music halls Shanti Snyder is a renowned singer, lyricist, and composer. Versatile in styling jazz standards to tear-jerking original folk ballads, Shanti is loved for her soothing velvet voice. Known worldwide from the song "Sora" from the Anime Movie "Visions of Eskaflowne",  "Inner Universe" from Ghost in the Shell, and her collaborations with composers such as Yoko Kanno. Entering the twenty-first year of her career, she is a respected solo recording artist in Japan's Jazz and Pop scenes. She brings sincerity, grace, and passion to her audience. She is often compared with Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Holly Cole, and a young Ella Fitzgerald. Based in Japan where she primarily tours, Shanti has also toured in Europe( Paris, Lisbon, Cologne, Astorius, Madrid) and has recorded and released "Cloud 9" from the renowned Dutch Jazz Label CHALLENGE RECORDS. 

Venues: Suntory Hall, Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall, Hitachi Civic Hall, Cotton Club Tokyo, Blue Note Tokyo, Blue Note Nagoya, Billboard Live Osaka, Billboard Live Tokyo, Motion Blue Yokohama etc...

Cafes & Clubs: Kannai Kamome, Coffee Bigaku, Atsugi Cabin, Aoyama Body&Soul, Roppongi Alfie, Roppongi Key Stone Club, Osaka Mr.Kelly's, Nagoya Star Eyes, Shizuoka Hermit Dolphin, etc...

“I was born and raised in a small town by the sea; my house was literally on the shore. As a child I was closer with nature than I was to people.
I spent most days exploring my inner universe and it’s reflections in nature.

My purpose here is to spread love and grace through my singing.

Having travelled from a young age cross countries and having an international education, I have been blessed to befriend people from almost every culture. It has shaped who I am today, feeding inspiration for music.”
— Shanti

District 81... introducing Yokohama, the area where she hang out as a teenager.... watch her sing in a yellow cab.